Merry Christmas to all!

Jan 7, 2020
Also, let me wish all your friends and tourists a Happy New Year!
We celebrated the New Year in places where there is no Internet and therefore it was not possible to congratulate on this magical New Year's Eve Celebration.

This holiday really became magical for us, as our routes passed through the fabulous places of Yakutia.

The last tours ended yesterday. There were four of them:
1. New Year's Eve in Oymyakon.
2. Three-day tour "Winter Sinsky Pillars".
3. The two-day "Winter Lena Pillars".
4. Tour to Kurulur, Bulus, Turuk Khaya.

Thanks to everyone who has been with us all these days !!!

Happiness, Love, Health!

May this year be full of joyful days only !!!
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