Hiking tours

In the mountains of Kharchan
Hiking in the area of the Suntar Khayat ridge along the basins of the Kharchan and Surek rivers.
Campaign in the Lost World of Indigirka
Hiking on the empty ridge of the Chersky mountain system.
Expedition to Kisilyakhi Suor Uyalah
In 2012, the famous traveler and photographer Alexander Krivoshapkin-Dersu posted a post about Kisilyakh in the Suor Ayalakh Ridge in the community "Traveling in Yakutia" in ykt.ru Diaries, where he writes: "Just a grandiose stone city 100 km from the village of Andryushkino!".
Taas Kystaabyt - Kisilyakhi Oymyakon
The tour consists of three trips in which tourists will visit the ice of the Atyr Basa River, the waterfall of the Nekunnya River, Kisilyakhi of the Tas Kystabyt Range.