Taas Kystaabyt - Kisilyakhi Oymyakon

Taas Kystaabyt - Kisilyakhi Oymyakon
The tour consists of three trips in which tourists will visit the ice of the Atyr Basa River, the waterfall of the Nekunnya River, Kisilyakhi of the Tas Kystabyt Range.
The main attraction of the route is Kisilyakhi, which are the remains of rocks, representing solid rocks with a height of 18-21 m. Since, in appearance, the rocks are very similar to the figures of people walking along the mountains, these mountains were called Kisilyakhi. The word "Kisi", in Yakutian, is a person.

The name of the ridge Tas Kystabyt has two translations from the Yakut: “The place where the stones (rocks) are stacked” and “The place where the rocks winter”.

The unique nature, beautiful views, the diversity of the landscape of the northern mountains will be of interest to photographers.

Hiking at the beginning of the tour to the ice of Atyr Bas and the Nekunnya river waterfall will be an excellent prelude to the main hike
The route passes through the territories of five regions of the republic, crosses the Lena, Aldan and Indigirka rivers and the large mountain ranges of Sette Daban, Suntar Hayata.

The federal road “Kolyma” along which the route is laid is known as the road built by the Gulag prisoners.

The daytime bus ride, with stops for rest and for photographing, is 7-8 hours.

On the bus and pedestrian parts of the route at night, the location and meals are carried out in hiking conditions.

Way of transportation: buses with a capacity of 21-23 passengers, pedestrian crossings.

Taas Kystaabyt - Kisilyakhi Oymyakon
Taas Kystaabyt - Kisilyakhi Oymyakon
Taas Kystaabyt - Kisilyakhi Oymyakon

Season Jule June
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