Sinskie and Lena Pillars (8 days)

Sinskie and Lena Pillars (8 days)
Without exaggeration, the Sinaya River, its banks, the flora and fauna inhabiting them, is one of the most stunning places in Russia and probably the best that can be seen in Central Yakutia.
The pillars of the Sinaya River are 37 groups of rocks located over 140 kilometers to the mouth. The height of the Sinsk Pillars reaches up to 180 m.

Lena Pillars are considered one of the most interesting and attractive creations of nature in Russia. The height of the Lena Pillars reaches up to 225 meters!

The tour passes through the territories of the natural parks "Sinaya" and "Lena Pillars".

Sin and Lena Pillars are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

A water trip on inflatable catamarans without difficulty category along the Sinaya, Lena rivers with excursions to the rocks of Sinsky and Lena Pillars.

Outboard motors are used to facilitate movement.

During transitions, stops for fishing, photographing.

After exiting the Sinaya River, the route passes under the Lena Pillars from the very beginning to the end.

Fishing enthusiasts have a great opportunity to catch Siberian trout along the route - lenka ("byyut"), meter-long pike, large perches ...

Sinskie and Lena Pillars (8 days)
Sinskie and Lena Pillars (8 days)
Sinskie and Lena Pillars (8 days)

Season June Jule
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